Ephesians: Vol. 1


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Getting a good handle on Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians, would put you in the good company of believers who liken it as the ‘bank of the believer’ and as ‘the treasure house of the Bible. It is a book about being complete in Christ.

This small group material will somehow help you understand and appropriate the spiritual blessing you have in Christ. As we unpack those incredible riches waiting to be unearthed, it will teach you who you are, how spiritually rich you are, and how you are to use those riches for God’s glory.

01 Why study Ephesians
02 What we have in Christ
03 Why we have been chosen
04 What our position and practice is
05 What made it possible

06 What made us alive
07 Why God’s kindness is overwhelming
08 Why salvation is not by works
09 What made us one
10 Why we are reconciled
11 What caused reconciliation
12 Why we are no longer strangers but citizens
13 Why the church is not a building

14 Why Paul is a good example
15 What is revealed
16 Why we are called to serve
17 Why the church is fascinating
18 Why Paul suffered joyfully
19 Why Paul prayed
20 Why God the Father is rich in His glory
21 Why Christ is dwelling in us
22 Why we need the strength to comprehend
23 Why Paul’s doxological climax is impressive

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